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Written by Ankit Batra

September 18, 2020

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Most people are familiar with the power of numbers, but what about the missing numbers?

Numerology is one of those things that people think they understand. While many people believe they know what the meaning of a particular number is, they are wrong. But, the problem is, once you learn the meaning of a number, you’ll realize that it isn’t nearly as obvious as you’ve thought it was. And that’s a problem because we want to have everything spelled out for us, and numerology doesn’t give us that.

The good news is, once you learn what the meaning of the numbers is, you’ll be able to see the patterns and the connections between the numbers. You’ll also be able to see how numerology can help you create your own destiny. 

 In this article, we will explore the hidden meaning of numbers and missing number remedies.

Moolank (King) & Bhagyank (Queen) Numbers

First you need to learn how to find moolank (King Number) bhagyank (Queen Number) according to your Date of Birth (DOB). You can watch the Video here in case you don’t know how to find out your King and Queen Number. URL

How to find Moolank?

It is the sum of date in date of birth. If a person is born on 16-06-1992, then your Moolank is 1+6 = 7. 

How to find Bhagyank?

It is the sum of the complete date of birth. i.e. 16-06-1992, then (1+6)+(0+6)+(1+9+9+2)= (7)+(6)+(21) = 7. So, 7 is the bhagyank or queen number in this case. 

*We have bring all the numbers to single digit.

So, in the above case the king number is 7 and Queen number is also 7

Let’s make a LoShu grid now for Date of birth 15-08-1992

*Yellow box represents the earth elements

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Numbers Favoring ownership of property

Having a dream house is a long-term goal of many people. But what if you have a dream house, but you are not able to afford it or for some reason you are not able to achieve what you desire?

It could be because you are missing number 2, 5 or 8 in your Lo Shu grid chart. Check here on how to make a Lo Shu Grid chart.

Number 2, 5 and 8 are very important and required to boost your luck in owning a property.

If you are missing 2,5,8 in your Lo Shu grid chart then there is a low chance of building or buying your house.

What are the impacts of missing number 2,5,8?

2,5,8 these three represents earth elements in your Lo Shu grid chart and if all the three numbers are missing in your chart then it could very difficult for your to buy a house.

2 represents Moon

5 represents Bhudh

8 Represents Saturn

These planets plays a vital role in your destiny. Now we will talk to about the missing number remedies.


2,5,8 missing number remedies

Today, we will tell you couple of tried, tested and working remedies by which you can compensate the missing numbers 2,5,8.

First Remedy

Wear a crystal as a bracelet or on your neck. As crystal is an earth element by wearing it you get the positive energy from earth and it will help you to boost your luck.

Second Remedy

Walk for 30 mins with naked feet in your home. You can walk on your terrace, floor or garden. But remember you have to do with naked feet and at least 30 mins. Again by doing this you compensate the missing earth element energies.

Third Remedy

Last but not the least, this is the most beneficial remedy of all. You’ve to give green feeder (haara chaara) for 43 days starting Wednesday.


The numbers 2, 5, 8 are the most important numbers in numerology. They are the most powerful numbers for owning property and creating wealth. If you want to improve your finances, these are the numbers you should focus on. There are other remedies as well that you can perform and to know more you can contact us.

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