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If you want to learn numerology , the batraa numerology is the
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We promise that you will learn this ancient science in most logical and result oriented way. Everything will be backed by logic rather than whims and fancies.

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This report will reveal most crucial information about you.

You may be shocked to see that how your date of birth can reveal this much about you.


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Number Vibration

It’s basically number vibration course that has all number energies from 1 to 9 that include positive, negative, health, suggestions, finance. Get it now


Silver Level

It includes Loshu grid, 8 gifts in your numero-chart, combination of 81 king-queen(driver-conductor) , missing numbers, repeataive no’s, number that can be swapped


Chaldean Numerology

Get 100% off receive instant access to 11 awesome videos with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide and breakdown so you can learn these prediction fast!

Numerology Calculator

Create your own Lo Shu and Vedic grid numerology chart for FREE.



Baby Name Numerology

Name is just not an accident, it helps in achieving life path. So, it’s damm important to have right name. We will guide you to choose best name as per date of birth

Personal questions

When will my kid go abroad, when is the right time to leave current company, Time for marriage, Which country will suit me better, Best year of my career. 

Financial issue

Financial problems happen to everyone at some point, and the stress and worry can get to you. However, realizing that there is almost always a way out can help you not feel so depressed.


Which Profession suits me , this is most suited for students who are yet to
decide their main line. Choose a career that’s right for you?


Lucky Name Numerology

If you have all the good numbers available in your chart and your name doesn’t go well with your date of birth, it’s high chance that your stuggle in your life will increase. You can take our premium report, it will tell you whether your name is correct or not.

Profession & Legal Matters

Which Profession suits me , this is most suited for students who are yet to decide thier main line. When is the best chance of settlement of my court case. Does property sector suits me or not?

About Me


I am Numerologist , Motivational speaker and Life coach.

I’ve spent 10 years of life in information and technology and worked as business analyst across the globe in Multi-National companies. I spent 3 years of life in Singapore working on international projects, that’s reason I am practical, Rational/Sensible and Pragmatic thinker.

My zeal and passion toward spiritualism draws him to occult field as well. My rational and holistic approach towards occult science made me stand-out among others.

I am friend/Philosopher/Guide Numerologist



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Numerology Name Correction: 3 Simple Steps to Change Your Name

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Easiest way to use Lo Shu Grid by Best numerologist in Delhi

Easiest way to use Lo Shu Grid by Best numerologist in Delhi

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