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Name Fixing

As providers of name fixing numerology services, we offer personalized consultations to analyse the numerical vibrations of your name. Our experts carefully assess the current spelling and structure of your name, identifying opportunities for optimization based on numerological principles.

Mobile Number Consultation

Each digit in your mobile number holds significance and can influence different aspects of your life according to numerological principles. During the consultation, our experts will assess your current mobile number and provide insights into how it may be impacting your life. Note:Extra Sim Charges Applicable

Personal Consultation

At Batraa Numerology, we provide personalized consultations with our expert numerologists to help you. During the consultation, you'll receive insightful guidance on how these numbers influence various aspects of your life, including career, relationships, health, and overall well-being.

CodePen - Gradient Pricing Table

Business Consultation

At Batraa Numerology, our business consultation services offer holistic solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses. From premium logo to personalized remedies and crystal suggestions tailored to your business, we harness the power of numerology to enhance success and prosperity. Our expert guidance extends to Rudraksha suggestions, energy circles, and optimizing business names for maximum impact, ensuring that every aspect aligns with your goals for sustained growth and achievement. Helps in promoting success and prosperity.

Company Name Fixing For Partnership Company

At Batraa Numerology, we specialize in company name fixing for partnership and proprietorship ventures. Our expert numerologists analyze the numerical vibrations of potential business names to ensure alignment with the goals and aspirations of your partnership or proprietorship. By harnessing the power of numerology, we provide tailored suggestions that resonate positively with your business endeavors, promoting success and prosperity from the very foundation of your enterprise.

Company Name Fixing For Private Limited Company

At Batraa Numerology, we excel in company name fixing for private limited companies. Leveraging the principles of numerology, our expert consultants meticulously analyze potential business names to ensure they align harmoniously with the goals and vision of your private limited company. With our tailored suggestions, we aim to craft a name that resonates positively, setting the stage for success, growth, and prosperity in your business endeavors.