Refund Policy

“By making a purchase on The Batraa numerology platform; you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all the points mentioned below”

The Batraa Numerology is offering high valued products and once a purchase has been done for any Digital Product or any Online purchase, there is no provision to Refund the amount under any circumstances.


What is Return Policy?

When I buy any product will get a Refund?Thanks for buying our Product, but as of now we don’t have any refund policy


Why there is no refund policy in Batraa Numerology?

Since we believe in dedication, Trust and Love

and our courses are high valued compared to the 

price, we will not be able to process refund in any circumstances whatsoever.


Is there any refund available on Batraa Numerology software?

Thanks for showing trust on The Batraa Numerology, software’s

are not refundable.


Is there any refund available on Physical products of The Batraa Numerology?


If there is damage in Physical Products, refunds will be given on case to

case basis, within a time frame.(Terms & conditions applied)

“We would be happy to serve you in again”