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What does Numerology tells about Ram Mandir bhoomi poojan?

Hello, there curious minds,

For millions of worshippers of Shri Ram Chandar ji, Diwali came early this year. When PM Modi put the founding stone for the Ram Mandir, it was the turning point in the history of the world.

Today I will analyze the historical event of Ram Janam Bhoomi Poojan and its relation with numerology.

Have you wondered why the government chose 5-08-2020 for this mega event?

I want to tell you that whether you want it or not, numerology affects every day of your life. When you understand the concept of numerology, it becomes easier to understand all the events in your life.

Before starting analyzing this historical event, let’s discuss the core and central principles of numerology. LOSHU GRID

Many people call LOSHU GRID by different names like native chat, referral chat, or basic chat.

As you see in the image above, it would be best if you considered LOSHU GRID as a universal guide for calculating your KING and QUEEN numbers, which we will discuss further.

Now we will put queen number “8” in the grid.

Now we will put the month number “8” in the grid after that we will put the year number i.e. 2 & 2.

Important Rule: In LOSHU GRID, if the King number comes from a single-digit i.e. 0-9 or from 10/20/30, we won’t put it in the LOSHU GRID. Please don’t forget this important rule. For further information, Join our community.

As you see, there are 22, 5, 88 in the grid and all these elements represent earth element in LOSHU GRID.

Number 2 represents – Emotions and it is also a moon number.

Number 5 represents – Liquidity of money, Balance, passion.

Number 8 represents – It is directly related to land.

As you can see LOSHU GRID shows that all the numbers in the grid show the earth element and this historic event was also related to earth. Another interesting fact I would like to share is that,

Last year 5-08-2019, Our government changed the status of Jammu & Kashmir and I want to make you LOSHU GRID for that date and find out how many earth elements come in the chat.

25 hidden facts about zodiac sign AQUARIUS that will change your prospective

A warm hello to all the curious minds. We all have somewhere in our life talked about the zodiac signs. As it is one of the oldest occult sciences, we are bringing you a series of exceptional blogs about zodiac signs that will help you understand each zodiac sign in detail.

Zodiac Signs

Home of Aquarius

Aquarius is the Eleventh home among the Zodiac signs.

According to the zodiac, The Eleventh House is a traditional house of friends that one reason that Aquarius are very friendly in nature. They also extend their social circles to colleagues and everyone they meet. This is also the house of Uranus/Saturn.

Another interesting fact about this House is that it uncovers your specific traits. Those persons who belong to this house are considered experts in their respective fields. We will discuss more about traits of Aquarius further below.

Key phrases

Aquarius have the key phrase “I KNOW”.

Some individuals might imagine that Aquarius are angles due to their honesty and sincerity.

The Aquarius like their private freedom. They’re witty and clever and connects to an identical form of individuals. They’ve an enormous coronary heart and a willingness to assist individuals round them.

Image (Meaning of image)

Aquarius is normally linked with Greek mythology, particularly Ganymede, the son of King Tros.

The image of the star signal normally depicts waves of water or electrical energy.

It is because Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer, the paranormal healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land.

Aquarius is essentially the most humanitarian astrological signal as a result of it, it’s represented by the Water Bearer.


Regardless of the “aqua” in its identify, Aquarius is definitely the final air signal of the zodiac. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the paranormal healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Accordingly, Aquarius is essentially the most humanitarian astrological signal. These revolutionary thinkers fervently help “energy to the individuals,” aspiring to change the world via radical social progress. Each Aquarian is a insurgent at coronary heart: These air indicators despise authority and something that represents conventionality. Free-spirited and eccentric, they’ll typically be recognized by their offbeat vogue sensibilities, uncommon hobbies, and nonconformist angle.

Planet Dominated

Aquarius is dominated by Uranus, the planet that governs innovation, expertise, and stunning occasions. Uranus completely mirrors Aquarius’s distinctive angle, complementing the nontraditional nature of those visionary air indicators.

Zodiac Hindi

Acquirus is named “Kumbha” in hindi.

Western System

One other fascinating truth about astrology is that there are lot of individuals within the western nation who believed on this occult as effectively. There strategies are bit completely different to jap international locations. People who find themselves born between 20Jan-18Feb acoording to the western sysmtem have Acquirus as their Zodiac signal.

Eastern System

People who find themselves born between 14th Feb-14th Mar in keeping with the jap system have Aquarius as their Zodiac signal.

Most Likeable Trait and one phrase to explain Aquarius

  • Extremely enthusiastic
  • Humanity
  • Non-conventional
  • Artistic
  • Intelligent


Essentially the most distinctive signal within the zodiac, Aquarius at all times march to the beat of their very own drum. They’re totally different in each facet of life, from their quirky character to their unconventional vogue selections. Aquarius doesn’t care what others take into consideration them — they’re too busy making their very own waves. These air indicators worth freedom above all else, and so they received’t let anybody or something stand of their means. Aquarius is continually searching for new and thrilling adventures, making them a pleasure to be round.

Well-known Aquarius

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Shakira
  • Michael Jordan
  • Bob Marley
  • Justin Timberlake

Business Numerology – How does your name effects your business?

Best Business Numerology in Delhi – What’s in the Name? 



  • Use Numerology to choose a strong Business Name
  • Methods to calculate expression numbers
  • Pythagoras Method
  • Chaldean Method
  • Vedic Method
  • Difference between Pythagorean and Chaldean
  • What does each number mean…?
  • Magic of Numbers
  • Choose the right numbers

What’s in Name?

You have a good product, an exquisite team and excellent business acumen — still, things aren’t understanding the way they’re working for your competitors. you’ve got pulled out all the stops, but nothing seems to assist. Sound familiar? Then read on, because today you may find that the solution to your worries lies within business name numerology.

Just like you, me and everyone else, Money is energy…

The vibrations that your company or child’s name possess, have a  direct impact on talents, abilities, shortcomings, nature, features and future of the name holder.

Today, I am going to prove those writers and their sayings, that there is a lot in names.

Numerology is a science which believes that everything in this world is made up of numbers and can be reduced into a numerical value.

Not only company’s name is precious, but Your Name Determines Your Destiny too.

The idea that our names are linked to our destiny goes at least as far as the book of Genesis in the Bible, when Abram saw his name changed to Abraham, which means  “father of multitudes” in Hebrew.

Previous research has found an affinity for name similarity in several areas. For example, more dentists are named Dennis than what would be expected by chance.

Use Numerology to choose a strong Business Name 


Methods to calculate expression numbers

The two most popular methods of calculating expression numbers are:

  • Pythagorean
  • Chaldean



The famous mathematician, Pythagoras, gave this theorem on how numbers affect our lives.

According to Pythagoras, Orange will have the expression:

O – 6

R – 9

A – 1

N – 5

G – 7

E – 5



6 + 9 + 1 + 5 + 7 + 5 = 33


Add the digits of the result to get a single digit number, i.e, 3 + 3 = 6

This theorem is useful in choosing a perfect Company Name for you.



This system was founded by ancient Babylonians.

By Chaldean method, Orange will have the expression:

O – 7

R – 2

A – 1

N – 5

G – 3

E – 5



7 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 5 = 23


Add the digits of the result to get a single digit number, i.e, 2 + 3 = 5


Vedic Method

Indian numerology is also known as Vedic numerology because it emerged in the era of the Vedas.

This type of numerology depends upon the principle of numbers’ vibration resonance.

Every numerology system has its own specialty, such as the Chaldean system’s compound numbers. Indian Vedic numerology is based on the idea that everything in this material word is influenced by one or more of the nine planets.


Difference between Pythagorean and Chaldean  

Pythagoras assigns digits 1-9 to English alphabets, whereas, Chaldean method assigns digits 1-8 to English alphabets.



What does each number mean…?

Number 1: No. 1 is taken into account to be an auspicious number in numerology world. it’s believed to be the amount of leaders, innovators, first movers and explorers.

Example- Jeff Bezos (22 + 24 = 46 = 1), Tim Cook(9 + 19 = 28 = 1), Bill Clinton(9 + 28 = 37 = 1)

 Number 2: This number is about the group, friendship, relationship and agreement. In the event that your business is identified with connections, relationships, treatment or training, at that point this number can profit you.

 Number 3: This is simply the number articulation, innovativeness and the specialty of correspondence and introduction.

Example- Lerry Page(13 + 17 = 30 = 3), David Thompson ( 3 )

 Number 4: This is the quantity of centre, establishment and techniques. Any business identified with homes, development or design should prosper with a name having articulation No. 4.

 Number 5: One and 5 are the two most loved

quantities of organizations. Five is the quantity of fun,

experience and opportunity. So in case you’re wanting

to dispatch your sightseeing video blog or anything

identified with transport, at that point a name with

this articulation number should help.

Example- Ratan Tata(13 + 10 = 23 = 5)

 Number 6: This is the quantity of recuperating, home and agreement. This number is useful for any business that is identified with wellbeing, medication, home, eateries or home-related items. For instance, the name Fortis Healthcare signifies 6.

Example – Vishesh Lakhani ( 6 )

 Number 7: Interest, otherworldliness and contemplation are the three incredible words you can connect with this number. You may consider how it can profit your business.

 Number 8: Number 8 is for balance. It is one of the most remarkable numbers and draws in high vitality. It is the quantity of Saturn, which is viewed as an extremely incredible planet.

 Number 9: His number stands for philanthropy, idealism and complete transformation. It’s often called ‘the divine 9.’

Be that as it may, this number ought to be picked with a little consideration as it can represent the deciding moment your karma.


Magic Of Numbers

 1, 3, 5, 6, These series of numbers is giving tremendous results for the Cities and Countries.

For example – Usa, Dubai, Paris, Thailand, Shanghai and many more.


Choose the right numbers!

By now, you must be believing in numerology. So, Let’s find a perfect company name to make you an entrepreneur right away!

In spite of the fact that articulation numbers can give you a smart thought of what your business name ought to be, it isn’t the finished story.

There are numerous different elements that decide the accomplishment of your business in spite of it being a decent number for your business specialty. What’s more, these are:


Your personality number: A number calculated on the basis of all the consonants in your name.

Your heart’s desire number: This number comes from all the vowels in your name.

Life path number: This is the number of your full name at the time of birth.


In this way, I would prescribe you to counsel a decent numerology master who can assist you with picking a favourable number for your business.