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What does Numerology tells about Ram Mandir bhoomi poojan?

Hello, there curious minds,

For millions of worshippers of Shri Ram Chandar ji, Diwali came early this year. When PM Modi put the founding stone for the Ram Mandir, it was the turning point in the history of the world.

Today I will analyze the historical event of Ram Janam Bhoomi Poojan and its relation with numerology.

Have you wondered why the government chose 5-08-2020 for this mega event?

I want to tell you that whether you want it or not, numerology affects every day of your life. When you understand the concept of numerology, it becomes easier to understand all the events in your life.

Before starting analyzing this historical event, let’s discuss the core and central principles of numerology. LOSHU GRID

Many people call LOSHU GRID by different names like native chat, referral chat, or basic chat.

As you see in the image above, it would be best if you considered LOSHU GRID as a universal guide for calculating your KING and QUEEN numbers, which we will discuss further.

Now we will put queen number “8” in the grid.

Now we will put the month number “8” in the grid after that we will put the year number i.e. 2 & 2.

Important Rule: In LOSHU GRID, if the King number comes from a single-digit i.e. 0-9 or from 10/20/30, we won’t put it in the LOSHU GRID. Please don’t forget this important rule. For further information, Join our community.

As you see, there are 22, 5, 88 in the grid and all these elements represent earth element in LOSHU GRID.

Number 2 represents – Emotions and it is also a moon number.

Number 5 represents – Liquidity of money, Balance, passion.

Number 8 represents – It is directly related to land.

As you can see LOSHU GRID shows that all the numbers in the grid show the earth element and this historic event was also related to earth. Another interesting fact I would like to share is that,

Last year 5-08-2019, Our government changed the status of Jammu & Kashmir and I want to make you LOSHU GRID for that date and find out how many earth elements come in the chat.