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Numerology Name Correction: 3 Simple Steps to Change Your Name

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Every year, approximately 7.5 million people change their names or their business name. In this article I will tell you about Numerology Name Correction.

 If you’re not familiar with numerology, it’s a form of divination that looks at a person’s Date of birth to determine what kind of life they will lead. In fact, your birth date is one of the most important numbers in your life. It can affect how you interact with other people, what career you’ll pursue, and whether you’ll marry or divorce. There are certain numbers in your name that are more favourable than others. 

You’ve probably heard that your name is your destiny. But have you ever wondered what it really means? What’s in a name? Is there anything you can do to change it? What is Numerology name correction? 

A name is a symbol of who you are. It represents your character, personality, and unique abilities. A name should reflect the person you want to be, not the person you are. In this article, we’ll discuss the Procedure Of Numerology Name Correction, using numerology.

Decide on a New Name

You are Born on 15th Nov 1986.

Birthdate (1+5=6) 6 is your Birth Number(Numerology Calculator).

Full date of Birth (1+5+1+1+1+9+8+6=32 again calculate 3+2=5) 8 is called Destiny Number.

For a quick calculation of Birth number and destiny number refer (Batraa Numerology Calculator)

Totalling the numbers of your name is called your Name Number

Ex – Name is Anchal.

Then the Name number is 9.

9 comes the total of A+N+C+H+A+L  i.e. 1+5+3+5+1+3=18 again calculate 1+8=9.

For a quick calculation of the Soul Number of a given name please refer to (Batraa Numerology Calculator)

Alphabets number take from the following Table.


B,K,R2U, V, W6
C,G,L,S3O, Z7
D,M,T4F, P8


Get Your Name Corrected

If you want to keep your name on the basis of numerology then Birth Number & Destiny Number should be a friendly number or equivalent number of the Name Number. Your Name Number represents your individual character, personality, beliefs, and values. This number reveals your life purpose and helps you to know what is important to you.

A table of friendly and equivalent numbers for the Birth Number and the Name Number is given below.

In the above example, the Birth Number is 6 and Destiny Number is 5. 6 & 5 is a friendly number or an equivalent number of Name Numbers 4 & 8. So, your name can be kept on the basis of Name Number 4 or Name Number 8.

If you want to keep your name on the basis of numerology then Birth Number & Destiny Number should be a friendly number or equivalent number of the Name Number. Your Name Number represents your individual character, personality, beliefs, and values. This number reveals your life purpose and helps you to know what is important to you.

A table of friendly and equivalent numbers for the Birth Number and the Name Number is given below.

In the above example, the Birth Number is 6 and Destiny Number is 5. 6 & 5 is a friendly number or an equivalent number of Name Numbers 4 & 8. So, the your name can be kept on the basis of Name Number 4 or Name Number 8.

LuckyEnemyHard-Core EnemyNeutral

Find the Right Combination of Numbers

Now that you have a sense of what numbers are most important for you numerology name correction and for your company, you can begin to find the right combination of numbers to create a good name. The key to doing so is knowing your number. According to numerology, every number is assigned a vibration and when combined, the vibrations create a specific energy. The most common numbers that are most used in business names are 2, 1, 4, 8, 5, 7, 6, 9, 3, and 0.

 5 Procedure Of Numerology Name Correction

  1. You should accept the new Name by your heart. So that your subconscious mind can accept it. 
  2. Write on Dairy your New Name spelling with Blue pen 24 times minimum for90 days and can continue as long you want good results. 
  3. Change it on your all social Media Platform and whats app and user names. 
  4. Change your Email ids, if not possible then change your email signature. 
  5. If there is any Name Plate, you can change it on Name plate too.

Ask An Honest Numerologist for Name Numerology Correction

Best numerologist in India

 A numerologist can tell you a lot about your name. She or he can tell you what kind of personality you have, what you’re good at, how you feel about yourself, and so on. Numerologists will take your birth date and provide you with the name and number that best represents the name you chose. They can also help you choose a name that is more positive.

 Contact The Batraa Numerology for Name correction or if you like to learn numerology join the WhatsApp group from below.

Business name numerology – Top secret revealed to boost your luck in business

A successful business must have a powerful business name. The batraa Numerology provide services like “Business Names Numerology” that can help you recognises exceptional, profitable and correct company names for your business according to numerology. 

Whether you have a small business or run an enterprise you can check your business name ideas and choose the most suitable business name of your organization or enterprise. You may be facing finding investors for your start-up or your business is not fruitful, numerology can help you get a deep understanding of the energetic vibration of your name and numbers. It will help in laying a strong foundation for your business so that you can scale it beyond your imagination.

Business name numerology is critical for the exceptional success of your business. Long gone are the days when you struggled to get your business on track.

Business numerology helps you to find the important information on, e.g. which business suits you the most according to you King and Queen numbers(check out – How to find your King and Queen Numbers?) or If you are already running a business but it is not profitable, you can get the name of your business fixed according to your name.

A correct numerologist will help you in setting up a correct life path for you. Contact us for Numerology services. 

Get Free coaching webinar on Numerology

What is business numerology?

Numerology: It is the study of numbers and how numbers can impact one’s life path. There are various methods in Numerology on how to read the different numbers combination and their interaction with one’s life. Business Numerology is all about selecting the best and ideal name for your business or organization and finding which business is suitable for you according to your life path number also known as KING & QUEEN numbers (Moolank & Bhagyank). 

According to Numerology, the whole universe is based on the energy of numbers and business is all about numbers. A correct business number can decide whether your business will go down or up, whether you will succeed in your business or not. 

Your business name holds great energy which may create great achievement. The words and letters of your business name determine the fate of your business.

By using Business name numerology via Chaldean Numerology, a good number can get you more leads, sales and new clients then the sky will only be your limit. However, business numerology is not limited only for business persons but it can also help Politics, Lawyer, Travel agency, agriculture, Hotel, organizations, catering, etc.

Ankit Batra is a renowned business name numerologist in India and has helped many entrepreneur, business owners starting from the bottom.

How to use numerology to choose a strong business name

When you use the principles of numerology, you will be aware of what business will suit you and if a particular business is a lucky business for you. Your King Number, by its own character, signifies specific lines of business and that can help in getting ahead in life.

Your king number also indicates that if your business can get enormous success! Additionally, it also depends upon the potency of your Name number. The name number also acquires more strength and power as you age and increases your success.

Your name and business names get strength with as time passes, making favourable conditions for your organization success. The reciprocal vibrations of names and numbers ascertain the magnitude of your achievement.

The most significant use of business name numerology is to opt for the correct and ideal name for your organization or business. 

Click here for free Numerology calculator

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The science of energy

The whole universe works on cosmic energy. You, me and everybody do have that energy. Money has the energy and even our names are energy.

Whether your business name, your name or your child’s name, all have vibrations and that name vibrations can make a direct impact on you and your business success and makes a great deal of change in your life.

In all the occult science, numerology is the only science which is backed up by the world’s greatest minds like Phythogras. We will discuss how Pythagoras bought the change in our world and explained how everything is made up of numbers in another blog. Numerology provides more accurate and immediate results in comparison of astrology.

Please follow our Instagram and start learning numerology for free. Ankit Batra is one of the best numerologist in Indian Numerology.

However, there are numerous methods for how we can learn numerology effects. The most common are Chaldean and Vedic numerology. 

Pythagorean Numerology

The Pythagorean numerology system was developed in ancient time by famous Greek scientist Pythagoras. 

Pythagoras was an extraordinary person, he was born in Greece in 569 BC.

Pythagorean Numerology analysis is the ancient art of decoding the secrets behind your birth date and name, which can be extremely helpful in unlocking the future course of your life.

Basically, it’s all about finding the numbers that have major and minor impact on your life.

Once you find out your core numbers and their meaning and influence in your life; you will no longer be direction-less in life, which, of course, can be pretty helpful for your destiny. 

The Pythagorean numerology is by far the most widely used numerology system out there because of its accuracy and reliability.

Also called the ‘Modern Western Numerology,’ it has evolved a great deal over the years. (

Chaldean Numerology

We are going to discuss business name numerology according to Chaldean numerology, so we will start with first, how you are going to calculate your name number?. That is the first part of this blog. 

Please note below mention alphabets represents a specific number.

A, Q, Y, I, J = 1 

B , R, K = 2  

G , C, L, S = 3  

D , M, T = 4  

E , H, N, X = 5  

U , V, W = 6  

O , Z = 7  

F , P = 8 

Lets take some example now:

Now let’s analyze the name Yogesh (Y O G E S H). So, in this case, Y represents 1, as I already told you, in about vibrations, O comes Under the number 7, G comes to the number 3. E comes under number 5, S comes under number 3, H comes on the number 5.

Now the second step is to add all the numbers


1+7+3+5+3+5 =24

So total comes out 24. 

In numerology, we should bring all the numbers to a single digit. 


In the above-mentioned example if We calculate the name number for the name YOGESH is will 6. Let’s take another example to clarify it more.

Another example is INDICA.

Let’s put numbers instead of alphabets according to the number vibration chat.




As mentioned earlier in numerology, all numbers should be added to bring it down to a single-digit and in the case of the above example (INDICA), the total is 15. If you add it again, it comes as a six. So again, Yogesh and Indica both are coming as six numbers.

To make it crystal clear for you guys, let’s take another example.

This time we will calculate the name number for W A T E R.

W comes as a 6, A comes as 1, T is a 4, E comes as a 5, R Comes as a 2. So total comes out one eight =18 if you again accumulated it comes as a nine. So again I counted as a three numbers Yogesh in the water. Yogesh is coming on. Six guys coming on, six water is coming on nine. So this is how you calculate the whole thing.




We know how to calculate name number according to Chaldean numerology we will tell you what name number signifies. 

Business name numerology: What does each number mean?

1- Water element

2- Earth

3- Wood

4- wood

5- Earth

6- Metal

7- Metal

8- Earth

9 – Fire


Numerology affects everyone, whether you believe in it or not. But if you take the actions for your business, it can increase the chances of getting success tremendously. Each number holds a different energy and how that energy affects you and your business is the part of Business Numerology. 

Ankit Batra is an IT engineer by profession working for top IT companies of the world but he learned the science behind Numerology. Since then he has helped 1000’s of people and made sure he also spreads this knowledge to everyone so that everyone can take benefit of Numerology and straight out their businesses or careers.

Business Numerology – How does your name effects your business?

Best Business Numerology in Delhi – What’s in the Name? 



  • Use Numerology to choose a strong Business Name
  • Methods to calculate expression numbers
  • Pythagoras Method
  • Chaldean Method
  • Vedic Method
  • Difference between Pythagorean and Chaldean
  • What does each number mean…?
  • Magic of Numbers
  • Choose the right numbers

What’s in Name?

You have a good product, an exquisite team and excellent business acumen — still, things aren’t understanding the way they’re working for your competitors. you’ve got pulled out all the stops, but nothing seems to assist. Sound familiar? Then read on, because today you may find that the solution to your worries lies within business name numerology.

Just like you, me and everyone else, Money is energy…

The vibrations that your company or child’s name possess, have a  direct impact on talents, abilities, shortcomings, nature, features and future of the name holder.

Today, I am going to prove those writers and their sayings, that there is a lot in names.

Numerology is a science which believes that everything in this world is made up of numbers and can be reduced into a numerical value.

Not only company’s name is precious, but Your Name Determines Your Destiny too.

The idea that our names are linked to our destiny goes at least as far as the book of Genesis in the Bible, when Abram saw his name changed to Abraham, which means  “father of multitudes” in Hebrew.

Previous research has found an affinity for name similarity in several areas. For example, more dentists are named Dennis than what would be expected by chance.

Use Numerology to choose a strong Business Name 


Methods to calculate expression numbers

The two most popular methods of calculating expression numbers are:

  • Pythagorean
  • Chaldean



The famous mathematician, Pythagoras, gave this theorem on how numbers affect our lives.

According to Pythagoras, Orange will have the expression:

O – 6

R – 9

A – 1

N – 5

G – 7

E – 5



6 + 9 + 1 + 5 + 7 + 5 = 33


Add the digits of the result to get a single digit number, i.e, 3 + 3 = 6

This theorem is useful in choosing a perfect Company Name for you.



This system was founded by ancient Babylonians.

By Chaldean method, Orange will have the expression:

O – 7

R – 2

A – 1

N – 5

G – 3

E – 5



7 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 5 = 23


Add the digits of the result to get a single digit number, i.e, 2 + 3 = 5


Vedic Method

Indian numerology is also known as Vedic numerology because it emerged in the era of the Vedas.

This type of numerology depends upon the principle of numbers’ vibration resonance.

Every numerology system has its own specialty, such as the Chaldean system’s compound numbers. Indian Vedic numerology is based on the idea that everything in this material word is influenced by one or more of the nine planets.


Difference between Pythagorean and Chaldean  

Pythagoras assigns digits 1-9 to English alphabets, whereas, Chaldean method assigns digits 1-8 to English alphabets.



What does each number mean…?

Number 1: No. 1 is taken into account to be an auspicious number in numerology world. it’s believed to be the amount of leaders, innovators, first movers and explorers.

Example- Jeff Bezos (22 + 24 = 46 = 1), Tim Cook(9 + 19 = 28 = 1), Bill Clinton(9 + 28 = 37 = 1)

 Number 2: This number is about the group, friendship, relationship and agreement. In the event that your business is identified with connections, relationships, treatment or training, at that point this number can profit you.

 Number 3: This is simply the number articulation, innovativeness and the specialty of correspondence and introduction.

Example- Lerry Page(13 + 17 = 30 = 3), David Thompson ( 3 )

 Number 4: This is the quantity of centre, establishment and techniques. Any business identified with homes, development or design should prosper with a name having articulation No. 4.

 Number 5: One and 5 are the two most loved

quantities of organizations. Five is the quantity of fun,

experience and opportunity. So in case you’re wanting

to dispatch your sightseeing video blog or anything

identified with transport, at that point a name with

this articulation number should help.

Example- Ratan Tata(13 + 10 = 23 = 5)

 Number 6: This is the quantity of recuperating, home and agreement. This number is useful for any business that is identified with wellbeing, medication, home, eateries or home-related items. For instance, the name Fortis Healthcare signifies 6.

Example – Vishesh Lakhani ( 6 )

 Number 7: Interest, otherworldliness and contemplation are the three incredible words you can connect with this number. You may consider how it can profit your business.

 Number 8: Number 8 is for balance. It is one of the most remarkable numbers and draws in high vitality. It is the quantity of Saturn, which is viewed as an extremely incredible planet.

 Number 9: His number stands for philanthropy, idealism and complete transformation. It’s often called ‘the divine 9.’

Be that as it may, this number ought to be picked with a little consideration as it can represent the deciding moment your karma.


Magic Of Numbers

 1, 3, 5, 6, These series of numbers is giving tremendous results for the Cities and Countries.

For example – Usa, Dubai, Paris, Thailand, Shanghai and many more.


Choose the right numbers!

By now, you must be believing in numerology. So, Let’s find a perfect company name to make you an entrepreneur right away!

In spite of the fact that articulation numbers can give you a smart thought of what your business name ought to be, it isn’t the finished story.

There are numerous different elements that decide the accomplishment of your business in spite of it being a decent number for your business specialty. What’s more, these are:


Your personality number: A number calculated on the basis of all the consonants in your name.

Your heart’s desire number: This number comes from all the vowels in your name.

Life path number: This is the number of your full name at the time of birth.


In this way, I would prescribe you to counsel a decent numerology master who can assist you with picking a favourable number for your business.