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Easiest way to use Lo Shu Grid by Best numerologist in Delhi

Today we will tell you about Lo Shu grid.

Numerology is the use of numbers to determine lucky and unlucky energy flows within one’s environment, and we use and apply this to individuals using the numbers of their date of birth. We can track back much of the aspect of numerology to Western mathematical discoveries, including those of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Among the many discoveries made was that individuals who shared the same “dominant numbers” would have similar personality traits.

History of Lo Shu Grid

The Lo Shu Square/grid, sometimes also called as the Magic Square, is also at the root of ancient feng shui astrology, the flying star school Xuan Kong, as well as the I-Ching, of course. 

As the story goes, an ancient Chinese master derived the wisdom of the magic square from the patterns on the back of the turtle. By reading those patterns he saw a deeper pattern of natural rhythms or laws of the Universe as expressed in the Lo Shu square.

The turtle that emerged from the river had an unusual 3 x 3 pattern on its shell which later became the basis of the Lo Shu Square, a mathematical grid where the sum of numbers from each row, column or diagonal is the same.

Basically, no matter which direction you add the numbers horizontal, vertical or diagonal they always add up to 15.

Number 15 is a powerful number because it corresponds to the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of Chinese solar year. In other words, it is the number of days in the cycle of the new moon to the full moon.

Lo Shu Grid on turtel

How the Lo Shu Grid Works?

In the Lo Shu Square, number 5 is in the center, with the odd and even numbers alternating on its periphery. The four even numbers 2,4,6,8 are at the four corners of the square, with the five odd ones 1,3,5,7,9 forming a cross in the center (look at the Lo Shu Square image above).

You can see how the feng shui bagua evolved from the Lo Shu Square, especially if you know that in China, south is placed at the top of the maps. Number 9 is the number for the south bagua area (on top) and 1 is the number for the north bagua sector (bottom of the square).

The odd numbers are considered of Yang quality , and the even numbers carry Yin energy. In the Lo Shu Square Yin and Yang numbers alternate around its center number 5.

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How do you read Lo Shu square/grid?

The 3 rows of the grid represent the three dimensions of one’s personality; the Intellectual dimension, the Spiritual dimension, and the Material dimension.




A missing row corresponds to a person whose persona is lacking in the characteristics of that dimension.


Intellectual dimension in Loshu grid by batraa numerology

The three numbers on the top row are 4, 9 and 2; these symbolize the intellectual capability and motivation, as well as the mental processes of thinking, analyzing, imaging, creating and so forth. They also represent the conscious awareness of the inner self. When combined with numbers on the material plane, it suggests awareness of facts and figures as well as desire for material gains.

When the chart is devoid of numbers in the two other dimensions, it means the chart is completely out of balance and can be interpreted to represent someone who thinks so much that nothing can be achieved due to inaction.

To the Chinese, numerology has always been associated with the Magic Lo Shu Grid, which was discovered around 4000 years ago. The intrinsic patterns of the base chart, together with the way the numbers move about the grid, are believed to offer clues on the characteristics and outcomes of events within the environment.


The central numbers of 3, 5 and 7 represent the emotional nature of the person, including the degree of feelings, instincts as well as intuition. Having too many of the central numbers indicates someone of excessive emotions. If someone has many 5’s, it can mean the person is extremely emotional, while having too many 3’s indicates a quarrelsome character. And excess of 7’s indicates a person who uses emotions for their own selfish gains.

If there are missing numbers in the intellectual dimension, it suggests someone who is ruled by their heart and who reacts to situations in an emotional rather than logical manner. If there are missing numbers in the material dimension, it can mean someone who is willing to give up all material needs just to satisfy their emotional needs. Too many emotional numbers in the chart generally means that logical and rational thinking are lacking in that person.


The numbers 8, 1 and 6 represent material success, abundance, wealth and prosperity. These numbers can also represent a lifestyle that too opulent, as well as an arrogance caused by an excess of material possessions. When these numbers dominate your chart with an absence of numbers in the other two dimensions, it suggests a personality that is cold and devoid of feelings – someone who is only interested in the pursuit of wealth and power.

If there are missing numbers in the intellectual dimension, it suggests a wealthy person who wastes away his riches, while missing numbers in the spiritual dimension indicates someone unwilling to share his wealth.

You can check out the video below and learn how to make Lo Shu Grid. In case you need any further help click on the whats app button and chat with me directly. As one of the best numerologist in India I always look forward to help people in learning the secret of Numerology.

Lo Shu grid formation by Ankit Batra – Best Numerologist in Delhi

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